The History of Dragons


Aryanna S, Author

My favorite mythical creature is a dragon, why you may ask? Let me tell you. A dragon is different from other animals because it does not exist in the real world. Instead it is the product of people’s imagination. The dragon dates back 8,000 years ago  and has been evolving ever since. The dragon can have eyes of a rabbit, head of a horse, horns of a deer,body of a snake,claws of an eagle,and scales of a fish. In the feudal age ancient men thought dragons were real and belonged to the emperor. The dragon could walk, fly, and swim.

The first emperor of china is QinShiHuang. Emperors are called “dragon son” because people believe the dragon belongs to the emperor. The dragon symbol means Happiness,harmony,and prosperity dragons are quick and mysterious.Dragons are used in art literature and books.