Middle School Cheerleaders


Kayla Montanez, Writer

Winter sports are here which means if you are a middle schooler, you can now be a part of the pep squad as a middle school cheerleader! Here are some questions you might have about joining the middle school cheerleaders. What are the pros and cons about cheerleading and what are some things to expect when cheerleading? Eighth grader, Samantha Montanez recently shared her thoughts about being a cheerleader.


I spoke with a cheerleader about the pros and cons of being in cheerleading. Some cons about cheerleading is time management you have to be wise about it and not carry a lot on your shoulder at once. Another one is that you have to memorise the routines and dances they do. You also have to make sure you keep your grades up.Last of all,you can’t be shy,you have to speak out loud if this is a struggle for you, then you might not want to join. 


 “What do like about cheerleading I asked”. “I like being apart of a team and doing stunts and flips” samantha said. If you like being apart of a team, doing stunts,flips, and dances cheerleading is for you. “Also coach Moretti is nice,helpful,and super supportive.” “Thank you for your time samantha.”  Take this into consideration after that come and join the middle school cheerleaders!