Why Are School Buses Yellow?


Aryanna S, Author

A yellow school bus represents safety,A bus is a mixture of orange and Yellow “I think”.Why don’t they pick any other color?Like red,blue,green,or purple because it’s scientifically proven that yellow is the most visible color to humans.And is illuminated by nature in day,night, and even when it’s foggy.A scientist states that your 1.24 more likely able to spot a yellow object then other colors.In 1939 In London They created the first school bus And it was chrome.There were a lot of things wrong with the chrome because it contained led and pigment,And is extremely dangerous to humans and especially young children.Why don’t you wear a seat belt when your riding on a school bus?The reason why is because Scientist proven that a bus is the safest transportation to ride.Cause seats are closer together And they have patting in them.So when you get into an accident and launch forward you would be fine.