Middle School Student Council Report

Elizabeth Dreier, Author


Room 105 (downstairs, next to the east stairs.) is where Student Council  meetings occur. Usually the meetings happen during lunch. In the beginning of the school year there used to be only one meeting a week. Now whenever we have meetings, we split it into two days. That way we can have more room in the classroom and if people can’t come on a gold day, they can usually come on red days. One of the people I interviewed is my friend Elyse Katolin, a 6th grade Student Council member. 


  • ME: “Do you like having meetings during lunch? If not, when would you prefer to have student council meetings?”


Elyse: “Sometimes I wish I could out with my friends during lunch, but I think lunch is the best time for everyone.”



  • ME: “Do you like that there are two separate days for student council?”


Elyse: “I like having two different days for student council meetings, because most people can come at least one day.”



  • ME: “Do you think student council is important? Why?”


Elyse: “ I think student council is important because it organized different things to help the school”


I also interviewed Ms. Bartell. She is the teacher that oversees student council. 


  • ME:“How did you react when so many people showed up to be on student council?”


Ms. Bartell: “I was extremely happy that so many people showed up.”



  • ME: “Why do you think student council is important?”


Ms. Bartell: “To give students a voice in school.”



  • ME: “How are we going to decide who is student council president?


Ms. Bartell: “8th grade has decided not to have a president but a like council. 7th and 6th grade will probably have a cimitty too.”


And there you have it. If you have ever wondered about some of the things the student council does or what goes on in student council, then I hope this answers any of your questions.