Trying Something New


Alexis Salazar, Artist

I absolutely love drawing, and I’ve been doing it since I could pick up a crayon. I like to draw traditionally, meaning physically. There is another type of drawing though, which is now popular, called digital drawing. From the name it obviously means drawing on electronic software such as tablets, computers, etc. I have never thought of getting into digital drawing myself, and mainly because I don’t have the right equipment. I eventually got interested into digital drawing last year, and looked up the best electronics to do it on, and though I don’t have a drawing tablet, I read that it can be done on anything, as long as you have the patience and skill to do it. I have a laptop, so I decided I would draw using the touch-pad on it. Yes, it was very difficult and I have already tried and given up, but then I decided I was going to do it- my very first digital drawing! And I have done it! Though some proportions may be off, I am very proud of myself and excited that I have completed my first digital drawing. This is only the first of many to come!