Josephine (Part 2)

Josephine (Part 2)

“Jo, honey are you alright?’

I nodded. Jo, which was short for Josephine, was not my name. It was really Rebecca, but Josephine was my middle name and my mom’s name, and after her death dad only called me Rebecca when I was in trouble. I didn’t mind. In fact, I prefer Jo. It felt like I had a little part of my mom with me.

My dad had a secret bunker in all of our houses for the past 10 years because of what happened to my mom. When I was young I used to go there all the time. I would spy on our neighbors using the cameras my dad had hidden. Now, though, I stayed as far away from here as possible. 



“Who are they? Why are they here?”

Dad sighed. I asked him this every time they came. 


“I deserve to know! I’ve spent all but two years of my life jumping from place to place, moving as soon as they find us. But I don’t even know who they are!!!!!”

“I’ll tell-”

“Ugg! I know, I know, you’ll tell me when I’m older! You’ve been telling me that since I was six!”

With that, I stomped towards the other room.

“Rebecca Josephine! Do not walk away from me!”

I stormed into the storage room and slammed the door closed, but not before I heard him whisper “Please.”