So Close!

So Close!

Isabella Pasagian, Writer

The bell rang, and I sprinted towards my locker before Mrs. Gonzales could assign homework. Yessss! She didn’t catch me. I clicked my locker open and scooped my math book up in my hands and walked down the stairs to Mr. Smith’s room. When the class got settled in and the bell rang, Mr. Smith passed out a sheet with lots of different numbers on it.

“OK class, today we are going to have a pop quiz on Pi, since today is March 14th!” Mr. Smith began.

Everyone groaned.

“Oh, come on! That was clever,” He exclaimed. Everyone jeered at him until the announcement speaker blared.

“Mr. Smith, can you send Jonah Anderson down to Mrs. Gonzales room, please?”

“Sure thing!” Mr. Smith shouted. “Jonah, you are excused,” he nodded towards the door. Uh-oh. She must’ve assigned homework, and she is making me pay for running out of class!

I start to walk out of the room and across the hallway. When I reach the stairs, I walk as slowly as I can. Maybe if I walk slow enough, Mrs. Gonzales will forget the assignment. She is very old. I enter the room listening to the long, slow creak of the door open, and I start to feel like I’m in a horror movie. And there was my serial killer, sitting in her desk with her hot pink glasses on the tip of her nose, sipping her peppermint latte from Dunking Donuts. Her wiry dirty blond hair getting in the way of her old, wrinkly face

“Ah, Jonah, you forgot something,” she mused.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mrs. Gonzales,” I croaked.

“It’s OK,”

I grimaced, waiting for the assignment. But she just sat there, waiting.

“Well aren’t you going to get it,” she said, pointing to the black hoodie sitting on the chair. Oh! I just forgot my hoodie! She’s not giving me homework. An invisible person stopped sitting on my shoulder and chest.

“Thank you Mrs. Gonzales,” I squealed. I start to head out of the room when she says . . .

“Oh, Jonah, can you do pages 82 through 105  on molecules for homework, thank you!”