Josephine Part 3

Josephine Part 3

Maddi Renolds

“Jo? Are you in there?”

“What?” I yelled.

“Jo…I’m ready to tell you the truth.”

“Really?” I opened the door, and sat next to him on the couch.

“Yeah. You deserve to know.”

 “The truth is that your mom was amazing scientists. She created hundreds of medicines to heal lots of diseases. But the thing is, the medicines she made could  be used for other things too. Some of them, when mixed together, could create poison, and others could even used in bombs or guns. She didn’t want anyone to get their hands on these so she hid them away, but they found her. They wanted the medicine to use it for evil, and she guarded it until…”

“Is that how she died?”

He nodded.

“They think we know where the medicines are, so they’re trying to find us.”

“But you don’t…do you?

He nodded.


“If I tell you, you can never tell a single soul until the day you die.”


“Promise me.”

I hesitated for a split second. 

“I promise.”