The Legend of Chinese New Year


Aryanna S, Author

Chinese New Year or also known as the Spring Festival, it takes place in China. It started when an old couple couldn’t walk no more. And the people of the village went to a far away cave. Away from the Nian, the Nian tore houses and killed people.After the old couple said bye to the people of the village.They started to plot a plan because they didn’t want to die,They covered their house all in red because the Nian was scared of red.When the Nian came over they made loud noises BANG BANG BANG.The Nian got so scared that it skipped the house and tore down the other houses.When the people of the village came back they were surprised about how the old couple survived.And the old couple told them how to survive the Nian. And to this day that’s why in China on New Years they hang a red banner by there house.