QMHS gets a new science teacher


Ava Wilcox, Writer

      The meaning of DoDEA is the department of defense education activity. So the reason why DoDEA was created, was for the families of the military that‘s children need a good school to go to that was near by. Our new teacher Ms. Hooper has been teaching at DoDEA schools for ten years. She enjoys teaching at DoDEA schools because she feels that it is her way of giving back to the military. Ms. Hooper also is impressed by the resilience of the students and how the DoDEA community tends to help the students of the military. One other thing is that almost all of us know how it feels to move from another country or state and the same thing goes for Ms. Hooper because she moved to Virginia from Korea and so here are some of her pros and cons. Here are some pros, being able to visit family and relatives easily. And here are the cons, finding a new home and transporting household goods. The End.