Josephine Part 5

Josephine Part 5

Maddi Renolds

Dad!” I yelled. Not only would they kill him, they would have my mom’s medicine which they could use to murder millions of people. Then, I realized he was bearfoot. Had he known what would happen?

“I love you, Jo!” He yelled.

“Dad.” I repeated, although this time as a quiet sob. 

The oaf holding my dad’s hands motioned to the man holding me in a headlock, and he let me go. 

“If you tell, we’ll kill your dad, hunt you down, and skin you!”

With those parting words, the two men shoved my dad into a white van waiting outside, got in the front, and drove away.

I crept downstairs, and hunted for my dad’s shoes. I didn’t know when he could have found time to hide them without me seeing. I finally found them under the loveseat we had. In the compartment, there was a note. 



I hope you are okay. I know you will be angry at me for this. I’m sorry. I knew they were there. I wanted you to be safe, and I figured living without a dad was better than living a life of fear. Take the enclosed money, buy a train ticket, and go to your grandparents house. Forget me.

I will always love you.



I took the money and bought a ticket, but not to my grandparents house. I was going to find my dad, and kill anyone who stood in my way.