Why Me?(Chapter Three)

The doctor comes back into the room with 3 other women. Each of them have a terrified look on their face, like they’d just seen a ghost. The doctor is talking but I can hear anything. I begin to sway my head. Everything around me starts to disappear. As I look at my hands they begin to fade away piece by piece. Just before everything goes black, I see a nurse walk away with a needle, then everything goes black….I wake up in an enclosed room, in a hospital robe. I started to panic. I banged on the walls screaming ̈Let me out, I don’t belong here!¨ I threw a full on tantrum, then fell to the floor, crying. The steel door finally opened, and a man in a suit walks in. As I stare at the man he begins to say¨ You’re probably wondering where you are, why youŕe here, and who I am. Well, you can call me Dr.Lopez. You see that thing on your wrist, 5 other people all around your age and in this area have been found with similar markings on their wrist. Tell me what that is now or youĺl be staying here for a while, just like the others.¨ We just stare at each other for a while. I know I ́ve  seen him before. He continues to talk, but all his words just turn into mumbling, at least for me. My eyes drift to the door, which is wide open. I jump up, punching the man in the face, causing his nose to bleed. As I begin to run down the empty hallway, a group of men with guns aimed at my head yell”Return to your cell or we will be forced to shoot!” I knew the only way out was to fight. I punch a guy in the head and he falls down. I pick up his gun and begin to fire. Unforchunetly, I’ve never shot a gun in my life so I didn’t shoot a single person before I got shot in the thigh. I fall to the floor with a shriek. Dr.Lopez walk up to me saying”You know, almost every single person has tried to run out and ends up getting shot or killed. Not once has that worked.” The men drag me into me “cell”, as slam the door. Once the footsteps stopped, I started to cry on the floor, clutching my bleeding thigh. At first, I thought that was gonna be the end of me. I was gonna die, one the floor, by myself. I was interrupted by screaming and an alarm going off in the hallway. I couldn ́t see anything, so I put my ear to the wall, hoping to hear something else then screaming and the siren. As I held my ear to the wall, I started to get really hot. The heat is coming from the wall! I yanked my ear away from the wall, rubbing the burn on my cheek. I started to back away, having no idea what’s happening. The wall turned to liquid, spreading the glowing liquid on the floor. As I gaze up, I see 5 people looking at me. One of the boys walked up to me, and puts his hand out. He says¨Come with us, and you won’t be treated like an animal.¨ I took his hand, immediately feeling a connection with all of them. This is when I knew, this is only the beginning.