Arekushisu: MHA Hero Story


Alexis Salazar, Writer/Artist

-Chapter 1-

       A middle-school girl named Areku is walking back home, the cream-colored, two-story house coming into view as she turned the corner past the autumn-leafed trees. She made it to her doorstep, pulling out the gold keys from her pocket, the sun reflecting off of them as she turned the doorknob. She gently pushed the door open, the jingle of her keys echoing off the bare walls, no other sounds. She inferred that her aunt wasn’t home again, probably doing doctor work or busy in the office. It was normal though to Areku, no one at home and an almost too peaceful house that was all to herself, until the next day when maybe her aunt would get back. 

       Areku walked over to the dining room table, dropping her backpack on a chair and taking off her jacket. She tossed it on the back of the chair, then took off her shoes and lied them beside the door. Sighing, she looked up at the ceiling, pondering for a moment. Then, she walked over to the staircase, glimpsing at the kitchen but then deciding she didn’t have the appetite to eat at the moment. As Areku headed up the stairs, she looked at the pictures framed upon the walls: there she saw the faces of her mother and father. She stopped suddenly at one picture of the happy faces of her father, her mother, and herself, sullenly missing those times. She continued walking upstairs until she made it to her bedroom, the sunlight softly beaming into the dim room. Areku changed from her school uniform into a cozy sweater with her black tank-top underneath and black sweats. She plopped down onto her unmade, messy bed, closing her eyes for a moment as she relaxed for what seemed one second before her cat jumped up as well to join her. Areku sighed and then spoke, “Come on, Neko I just got here. You have your own bed.” All of a sudden before she pushed her cat off, her phone vibrated. Areku took her phone out of the pocket of her sweats and looked at it curiously, reading a text from one of her good friends named, Celestia.

       “So…how was your walk back home with October today?” Areku rolled her eyes, not seeing anything new from her friend and responded, “Whatever- it wasn’t anything like that.” After all, October had just asked her if she wanted someone to walk home with, her and Celestia living opposite ways from each other but October living nearby. It wasn’t like that, Areku thought to herself, we’re just friends, Celestia is just teasing me. A couple of seconds later, Celestia responded, “Mhm, sure…” Areku was getting a little agitated. 

       “Seriously, all we talked about was our future career of U.A. highschool, anyways we do end middle school in a couple of days.” 

       Celestia took no time to wait to respond, “-and about how you guy’s futures are gonna be?” 

       Areku facepalmed herself and sighed tiredly, looking up before responding finally, “Whatever, think what you want. I’m just telling you it’s not like that. Ttyl.”

       She put her phone down on her nightstand, not reading Celestia’s next response of, “Whatever you say, ttyl.”

       Areku turned away from her phone, laying down, and closed her eyes as she drifted off into sleep for the day…

       She opened her eyes, seeing the room dark and the moon shining through her window. Areku noticed her throat dry and decided she was going to get a glass of water, that was until she tried to move. She felt numb and tried to get up again, only failing as her body disobeyed her thoughts, keeping her laying still, only able to breathe and blink. Then, she felt a presence nearby, a dark presence, of not someone, but something. She tried to look around, only able to move her eyes when she spotted near the closed doorway a black figure of a person, only not a person but rather a shadow that was for some reason filling her with fear. Abruptly, Areku could hear a pounding noise inside her ears, and even her head, a sound that engulfed her and felt as if it were pulling her down, pulling her away from reality. She again tried to get up, keeping her gaze on the shadowy figure watching her, which was not doing anything to help but rather just standing there. Areku had enough of the pressure and tried to say something, but she was unable to move her mouth, and nothing came out. She couldn’t do anything but just lay there, darkness and fear pushing in on her, until all of a sudden, just as it had started, it stopped. She sat up quickly, sharply inhaling and panting, sweat running down the side of her face as she could feel herself being able to move again. 

       Areku mumbled to herself and the darkness, “It happened again…”

       She sat on the side of her bed, sighing as she began regaining her breath, recalling what was called sleep paralysis over in her head. Her cat jumped up onto the bed again, giving her a curious “meow.” After an hour passed in the dark night, she finally got up to get the glass of water she had tried to get up for in the first place.