Josephine Part 6

Maddi Renolds


I sat on the train, looking out the window as it sped across the tracks.  I realize now that I had made a foolish, impulsive decision. I didn’t know where my dad was, so I just bought a ticket to the furthest destination possible, spending almost all the money my dad had left for me. I didn’t know where to find him, and didn’t know how to. I guess I would try to make someone  feel bad for me, and have them drive me to my grandparents house. That was the best plan I can think of right now.

 Honestly, it wasn’t a very good plan. I think the stress was getting to me. After all I had found truth, lost my dad, and got a death threat all in one day. I took a deep breath. How could I do this? I was only 12, not even a teen. 

No. I had to save my dad, even if it meant risking my own life. I was the only one who could stop them. I was the only one who could save him. I was the only one who could complete my life.