Arekushisu: MHA Hero Story


Alexis Salazar, Artist/Writer

-Chapter 2-

       Areku got dressed, packed her backpack, and ate breakfast quickly, leaving the house on her way to school. As she was walking, she heard her name.

       “Areku! Hey, Areku wait up!”

       She turned, just in time to see October running towards her, and stopping abruptly before bumping into her, “Ack- sorry, I got held up….”

       Areku stared blankly for a second before getting embarrassed and putting her hand quickly on the back of her head as she smiled, blushing, “Oh um, it’s alright.” 

       They started walking slowly to the school, both staying silent, until October broke the silence, “Sure is crazy we’re gonna officially be highschoolers in less than a week, right?”

       Areku replied, startled, “Oh- yeah, it’s incredible. Can’t wait to see if I got into the hero course!”

       “That’s right! You applied to U.A. hm?”

       “Yep, that’s the one. Man, just thinking about it stresses me out!”

       “No worries, I’m sure you’ll do great.” October put his hand on Areku’s shoulder, both of them stopping.

       Areku lightly sighed, looking at him directly, “I wish you would’ve tried out for U.A. too, October. At least if I wouldn’t have gotten in, you could’ve-”

       “Areku, you know why I didn’t try it out. Besides, I have another plan for my life, no worries.” He let go of her shoulder, smiling genuinely to her, “Also, I’m positive you’ll get in- no stress.”


       “No problem.”

       They kept on walking to the school, getting there just in time to put their things away in their lockers.

       Areku waved to October as they parted ways, and went over to her locker, only to be surprised by Celestia popping up next to her as she was closing her locker. “Oh hey, Celestia.”

       “Hey, Areku. Notice anything different?”

       Areku gave a quick glimpse of Celestia’s appearance before gasping, “Your hair! You cut it? But why?”

       Celestia simply smiled back at Areku, semi-cheerfully replying, “Oh- just felt like it… Anyways, I just saw October walking away from you, hm? What was that about?” Celestia leaned closer to Areku, eager to hear.

       “It was nothing, Celeste, we just walked here together- this time he wasn’t late.” Areku lightly laughed. “He takes his sweet time, huh-?”

       Celestia was bluntly staring at Areku, seeming disappointed.

       Areku quickly noticed, trying not to raise her voice in concern and shock, “Wh- what is it?”

       “C’mon, something happened. I can tell- you’re doing that thing again where you wipe your hands on your skirt because they’re sweaty. Tell me what happened!”

       Areku looked down at her hands, self-consciously wiping her hands on her skirt and quickly pulled them to her sides, responding embarrassingly, “I’m telling you nothing happened! We just walked here-”

       All of a sudden the first bell rang and a bunch of students pounded down the hall, pushing Areku and Celestia up against the lockers, squished. As soon as the barrage ended, Areku and Celestia were dazed, almost falling over from the lockers. Celestia brushed her skirt off, clinging to her binders being held by her left arm.

       Areku regained thought, fixing her hair a bit, “Jeez, it’s the end of the year and I’ve still not gotten used to that. Well, anyways- I should be heading off to class now, bye!”

       Celestia grabbed Areku’s arm, making her pause before leaving, “Areku, wait. I wanted to tell you something- it’s kinda’ important…”

       Areku looked worriedly at Celestia, wanting to listen but both of them needing to get to class, “Celeste, could it wait for a bit? We gotta’ head to class.”

       Celestia glimpsed at the ground, sighing and letting go of Areku’s arm, “Fine… I’ll tell you later…”

       They headed off to class, rushing in through the classroom door just before the second bell rang, the teacher gloomily glaring at them from his desk. Areku smiled nervously, taking her seat. The teacher stood up, and walked to the front of his desk, making an announcement. 

       “Excuse me class- we have an important announcement to make. As you all know- it is the end of the school year which means you will all soon have to make your career choices. Also, we have many hero course applicants that have been filled out, and they have finally arrived after the last two weeks.” He sighed. “We have some students that reached for the top hero school, Yuuei, or just U.A. Highschool, and they too have delivered the results.”

       Areku fidgeted with her fingers under her desk, biting her lip in nervousness as she listened contently to what the teacher had to say.

       “The students that have been qualified to move on to U.A.’s exams are…”