Just an Opinion, got it?

Alyssa Syma

In this story/article I’m going to have a lot of strong opinions that not everyone agrees with, but they are opinions that I feel I should share to spread what me and some other students are feeling. I am not saying that this school is bad in any way and I’m not doing this to call out staff or anyone in the school, this is simply to raise awareness of some school rules  that I find unfair.Our school is kind of biased. Yes, I said it. Before you get the wrong idea let me explain myself. There are flaws with the rules or “problems” that some of the teachers or staff talk about with students. Now, this is from the perspective of an 8th grader so most of this refers to middle school. Almost every day during middle school lunch,in the cafeteria, there’s an announcement of some sort. Some announcements are teachers calling for students and some are to talk about new rules or something happening soon at school,but some of the rules or things they announce are a bit biased. Some examples are recent while others are from the beginning of the year. One example of the unfair rules is the dress code. Now i know principle Johnson has gone easier on students about the dress code since last year, but not much. Sometimes it almost feels like there are students who get cracked down on more or get dress coded randomly while other students have almost never been dress coded. One case of this was when another student had to change their shirt for having small holes on the shoulders despite the shirt not being against the dress code while another student came to school with a very exposing shirt and an open jacket and had not been talked to about it at all. Some students will also get randomly dress coded for clothes that they usually wear and don’t get called out for or clothes that aren’t against the dress code at all. Another example of an unfair rule is collective punishment for actions done by a handful of students. Like when the whole cafeteria has to be quiet because of 2 tables being loud, or when an entire grade or multiple grades get lectured and punished for the actions of a few students. One more example of some unfairness are the students not getting a voice in certain things. To summarize what another student said, “the teachers are biased. We don’t always get an opinion, the higher the grade the less of a voice we have and the teachers don’t always listen to our thoughts.”