Josephine Part 9

I sat on the small, uncomfortable bed, staring up at the faded yellow ceiling. Even though I had argued, the lady who had found me had dragged me to the small town orphanage. It was a brick building with 3 large bedrooms, one for the boys, one for the girls, and one for the adults who worked there.The girl’s dorm had 2 rows of 6 bunk beds and a narrow hallway down the middle. 

Ms. Lopez, the kind woman who ran the orphanage, had given me a top bunk underneath a 6-year-old who snored. Yay. That’s why I was up now, at 3 a.m.

I had begged Ms. Lopez to let me leave and go to my grandparent’s house. She responded with a long, boring explanation about custody and how I couldn’t stay with my grandparents until they filled out paperwork or something. Since they didn’t have a phone, no arrangements could be made. 

So, I made a plan. I tiptoed down the ladder and out the door of the dorm. I crept down the stairs and froze. At the bottom, waiting for me, was a very angry Mr. Lopez.