Danielle Martinez, Writer, poet

     I peeked through the curtains. There was a limo parked outside with two bodyguards. I heard a knock at the door. If I answer it, what could really go wrong?

“Hello?” I say, slowly opening the door.

A man in a suit stands there.

“Hello, Mayor Mason Main requested to see you!”

The mayor wants to see me? Why?

     When I asked a question, the men avoided it. I didn’t find it too suspicious. They were probably in a time crunch. I asked them when I should go and one of them told me now would be great.

     The men led me into the limo. The mayor’s signature was everywhere inside. It was on the glass cups, seats, and on the door! One of the men served me water, also in a glass with the mayor’s signature on it. Soon after that, the man started to drive.

Since the town was small, I knew every street. When we got to the stop sign, I was expecting to take a left turn. We took a right turn.

“I think we are going the wrong way” I said to the men with concern. With an evil smile one of the men said, “We know.”