The Fire


Danielle Martinez, Writer, poet

      She is barely awake, but she knows that smell. Smoke. Alarmed, the little girl quickly sat up. It was hard to see through the big blobs of smoke. Every breath she took felt like a stab in the chest.

     Right now, she knows she needs to get out fast. Being on the top floor doesn’t help though. Desperate, she tried to open her bedroom’s door, but it was too hot! She shrieked from the throbbing pain.

     Now panicked, she ran to the window hoping to find fresh air. Her face warmed up from the flames below. She tried calling out for help, but it seemed like no one heard. She knew her home could collapse any second now, so she just jumped.

     When she landed, she was shocked to be alive. At the same time, she was happy because she saw her family just feet away. She called their names, but they didn’t notice. She tried hugging them, but they didn’t react. The poor little girl was so confused.

     Soon after, she heard steps coming from her house. Two firefighters stepped outside. In tears, the girl’s mother asked, “Did you find her?” The men just shook their heads. The mother broke down crying. “Lily, Lily, Lily” she whispered.

     It took hours for the fire to die out. During that time, the girl just sat next to her family waiting for answers. The firefighters returned and searched the burnt house. “She’s here!” one of the men shouted. The girl knew no one could see her, so she went to go see what he was talking about. After she saw it, everything made sense. She was dead.