The Last Walk


Danielle Martinez, Writer, poet

The night is always so dark and scary. You never know what kind of bugs can appear. Every noise you hear seems to sound like someone following you. Every shadow looks like a person watching you.
So one dark night, I put on Nooby’s leash for his last walk. I begged my sister to come with me, but she refused. What am I going to do? I can’t just walk outside and expect nothing to happen.
Now, I guess I just have to hope nothing is going to happen. I open the door slowly. Then, I take my first step and slowly close the door. I don’t hear any noises. At this point, I don’t know if that is good or bad!
Once I get past the fence, I see a little bug. Not even checking to see if it was just a leaf, I quickly looked left and right. No cars. In fear, I ran across the street next to the pole. Just as I thought I was safe, I see a HUGE black bug racing around me. Right now, I am just assuming every bug is a cockroach.
Not even thinking twice, I ran back to the fence. I probably look like a chicken running around everywhere. As I was resting, I discovered a gnat cloud around me! Disgusted, I ran to the front steps. I barged into the room and quickly shut the door. After processing what just happened, I got only two words to say: never again!

P.S. Sadly, this is a true story.