I Am From


Danielle Martinez, Writer

I am from warm tamales.

I am from from grandma’s soup

I am from picking eggs from chicken coups.


I am from cravings in your head 

The favorite, including mine.

I am from mexican style bread

To enjoy anytime!


I am from not being able to breathe

From all the Sun’s hot pain

From a little breeze,

To pouring rain!


I am from chirping in trees

And from the ants from below

I am from cicadas always bugging me,

To greetings from lizards saying hello!


I am from “You’re crazy!”

I am from “You are amazing!” 

I am from get your own dish

Replying,  ”As you wish!”


I am from helping grandpa in the yard.

From talking to grandma when things get hard.


If you haven’t guessed

I am from the Southwest!