Do you Love to go to the Circus, the Animals don’t

Do you Love to go to the Circus, the Animals don’t

Kairi Padilla, Writer

Do you Love to go to the Circus, The Animals Don’t



Wild animals have been in circuses for years now, but should they really be in circuses? First of all, I think that any animal should not be allowed to be in circuses because this can cause pain, stress to the animals, and it may spiral out of control.

One reason I think this is because when people train animals, they don’t do it very kindly. They train them by whipping, hitting, poking, and shocking the poor animals, forcing them to do tricks. This can cause pain and stress on the animals, and they can go on a rampage because of this. One organisation called Peta states ̈Elephants are frequently beaten with bullhooks—heavy batons with a sharp metal hook on one end—sometimes until they bleed, in order to force them to perform dangerous, uncomfortable tricks, such as standing on their heads or on a small pedestal.¨

The worst problem with circuses having wild animals in their act is how they are transported and where they live. Almost all animals sleep and eat in a germ filled area. There germ filled beds are how most animals get TB! Wild animals are treated unfairly when they travel chained up in a cage, which is also where they sleep. Some evidence  from a organization called Paws said “ Virtually 96 percent of their lives are spent in chains or cages.” Some other evidence provided by Paws is “11 months a year they travel over long distances in box cars with no climate control ;sleeping, eating, and defecating in the same cage.” 

Another reason why the circus is a terrible place for elephants is when someone says circus, most people think of elephants but what you didn’t know about elephants is that most elephants get a disease called TB or Tuberculosis, this disease can spread to other animals and humans. Animals can get tuberculosis from all the germs in their sleeping areas or where they spend most of their time. When an animal catches TB, some people put the animal or animals down. This makes the circuses spend lots of money on animals.

One more reason that animals shouldn’t perform in circuses  is that animals aren’t treated fairly in the circuses. For instance I found a story about a special elephant at a websitee called Elephants, her name is Lota. Lota was supposed to retire and go to an elephant sanctuary, until the Hawthorn corporation and forced Lota to train to be a circus elephant and traveling  circus, until Lota was diagnosed with tuberculosis . The circuses gave Lota to the elephant sanctuary, where she met her new best friend, Misty. By the time Lota was at the sanctuary, she was weak and tired. Sadly, on February 9, 2005, workers found that Lota passed away by tuberculosis, with Misty by her side.

That is why I believe that wild animals shouldn’t be taken out of their habitats and be forced to do tricks in the Circus. One way you can help put a stop to letting helpless animals get hurt is by taking action at,, and at By donating at one of these websites, you can help save a poor animal in need. You can also just stop going to the Circuses that take wild animals out of their habitats and using them just to get a few dollars out of it. Some circuses use wild animals like bears, elephants, alligators, tigers, lions, and much more. So, if you enjoy the Circus, do you enjoy it because of the animals? If you do, then you should really think about the pain and torment these animals go through to perform those tricks.