Maddie (Part Two)

Part 2


Ashley Trevor, Writer


By: Ashley Trevor


Why, why, why did this have to happen to me.

I always had been scared of this happening, having my family used against me, but I never thought it would happen.

This only happens in story books. Not real life. So, this isn’t real life.  A dream, yes!

I ran to the sink, put it to cold, and watched it overflow. I plunged my face into the water. The cold made my face numb.

No, no, no. Wake up, wake up, wake up.

I slapped myself, again, again, again. I couldn’t even feel it.

I collapsed on the couch. Its December 10th.

I only have two days…

if I even do it.

“What am I thinking, I have to do it,” I say aloud.

“They will kill them if I don’t.”

I look up 12th street on my mom’s i-pod.

Ohio. I’m in Virginia.

Guess I will need some airplane tickets.