Maddie (Part Three)

Part Three


Ashley Trevor, Writer


By: Ashley Trevor


I threw a water bottle, a cup of microwaveable mac-and-cheese, a 100 dollar bill, and some Snickers into my backpack. The money is my mom’s, but I hope she can forgive me, especially since I’m using it to save her.

I had bought an airplane ticket online, staging as Francis White, and hopefully I can sneak past the security guards using invisibility to get to the plane entrance. Then, I will say my parents are already in there and hope they let me in after I  show them my ticket.

A lot of this plan is built off of hope.

But I don’t know how else I will ever get to my parents and sister.

I call Uber using my mom’s phone.

I leave in an hour.

One Hour Later…

I am now sitting in the back of a very inquisitive woman’s car.

“Are you sure your parents are okay with this? Do they know?”

“Yes, I’ve told you” I falsely reassured  her.

Well, I’m saving their lives so I think so.

“Okay, but why are you going to an airport?”

“To visit my Aunt Lana.” I know it sounds corny but it was the best story I could come up with.

“Okay here we are,” she said as she turned into the exit and to the parking lot.

She drove me through the drop off section, I grabbed my backpack, paid her, and waved her goodbye.

I walked through the front door.

Thousands of people were bustling around.

Wow, with this many people it should be easy, I thought.

But it was everything but that.