Celebrating the USMC Birthday


Maddi Renolds, Author

On November 10, 1775, the United States Marine Corps was founded. And today, 244 years later, we are still celebrating the creation of the Marines. 

 The Marines were founded by Samuel Nicholas in Tavern Tun, a brewery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The USMC was created during the Revolutionary War to help America fight the British. After the war ended, though, the Marines were shut down due to cost issues, even though they were successful. On July 11, 1798, more than 20 years after the Marines were originally founded, they were restarted.

From 1799 to 1920, the Marine Corps birthday was celebrated on July 11th, until it was changed to November 10th because that is the day the Marine Corps was originally founded. According to JROTC student Blaze Smith, it is important to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday to “honor past marines, marines serving now, and future marines.” Max Driskell, another JROTC student also mentioned we need to celebrate the USMC birthday to “honor sacrifices.” According to Smith, we show our trust in the future generation of Marines when the cake is handed down from the oldest marine to the youngest marine in cake cutting ceremonies. 

It’s very important to celebrate the Marine Corps. “They fight their hearts off.” says Smith. “We’re everywhere: air, land, and sea. We’re everywhere you want us to be. We’re always ready to go.”

Many people celebrate the Marine Corps birthday by going to balls or having cake cutting ceremonies. The first ball on record was in 1937. Students can also celebrate the Marine Corps birthday. “You can ask your parents to go to the ball, and we have the cake cutting ceremony at school.” says First Sergeant Hamilton. You can also go to the National Museum of the Marine Corps at any time to appreciate the sacrifices of the marines.

The Marine Corps are very important, and it’s great that we have a day to celebrate these heroes.