QMHS Band Organization

QMHS Band Organization

Riley Seward, Writer

Band is important to our school because music touches so many lives and it helps students cope with their feelings. Band is open all year to all middle and high school. In band, groups learn how to improve on their instrumental technique while learning music history and theory. 

  All groups participate in local concerts in Virginia District Festivals, and also in other competitions. We will have Winter and Spring concerts this year. Sometimes our band will perform for events at school or on our base. Some groups perform at Music in the Parks Assessments.

  Mrs.Settle, our QMHS band teacher, enjoys teaching band immensely and became a band teacher because she loves music and loves teaching others. Music makes Mrs.Settle exhilarate, feel happy, calm, and relaxed. What Mrs.Settle enjoys most about band is teaching the kids and watching them mature musically.

  This is what Ari, band student, enjoys about band the most, “Playing songs as a band and I get to improve”. Here’s Isabella’s, another 6th grade student’s response, “The thing I like most about band is that I get to play an instrument, for the first time! Because this year is my first year playing the trombone and I get to hang out with my friends, learn new songs, I get to perform, and improve.” Ari, Isabella, and some other band students find it easy and hard to learn how to play an instrument, it just depends on your instrument some say. Some students at QMHS enjoy band because you get to experience what it’s like to play an instrument, learn new songs, perform, improve, and go on trips. QMHS band hopes to see you at all their concerts and performances!