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Jalani Ras
Yello. My name is Blue J. I love to draw; it’s my life. I am in 6th grade at QMHS. I don't really like to write but when I do write I make very funny stories. I am a military child. I have been living in Quantico for about three years. Before Quantico I lived in Hawaii. I love drawing the sunset, sand and drawing sea creatures that I know I'll never see. I like drawing comics, characters, humans and creatures. My drawings can look like cartoons but I try. The second and most bestest thing I love to do is just listen to music and dive into it. Creating what I see and hear makes me so happy. I let music take over and I can't hear the world - those are my favorite   times. Music and art are the things that make me. Well that's all I want to say, peace out!

Jalani Ras, writer

Dec 04, 2019
Cross Country goes to state!! (Story)
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Jalani Ras