Red, Gold, and Bold

Jaslene Sanchez-Rios
I'm jaslene and I have 3 little brothers.

When i'm  older I want to be a fashion designer,I also want to do interior designing.

I love love love watching the Vampire diaries and the originals.

I love spending my summers in puerto rico with my family.I love going to the rivers and eating a lot.I absolutely love plants in fact I have one that is growing in my kitchen it's called a bamboo plant.I also enjoy doing my hair i love doing my hair.But my favorite thing to do is watching movies with my family avengers movies to be presis.

I am doing a skit with my friends called the weekly discussion

                         I am full of imagination hope you enjoy are discussion 



Jaslene Sanchez-Rios, writer

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Jaslene Sanchez-Rios