Red, Gold, and Bold

(Read in a dramatic voice) Beautiful, glamorous, amazing, I'm an 8th grader and artist striving for a digital art job, I look forward to the future and hope to live a stable life. I wake up at 5:15 everyday without hesitation or dread after eating a full healthy breakfast, living with all A's and as an only child, I have no hardships that effect me or leave me with sadness in my heart. Reading, dancing, and studying are my common weekend evening activities. I help my elderly grandmother anytime she comes over to our humble abode. My family is as complex as they come, a loving nurse mother and military father they trained me well in the skill of life. I can't say that all the people can reach the heighten level that I have but the ones that have are defiantly the ones that get me the most.

Madison Sparrow, illustrator/editor

The Student News Site of Quantico Middle High School
Madison Sparrow